New Lecture Series on Issues in Competition Policy

Public Events

The last couple of years have seen a remarkable increase in the application of economic insights to competition problems. In order to further promote and refine this development, practioners need to understand how microeconomics can help to shed light on particular aspects of competition problems. At the same time, academics benefit from a better understanding of real-world challenges and institutional details.
The forum aims at providing a platform for the discussion of recent cases, general competition policy issues, and relevant academic research in the field. Renowned practioners and academics will be invited to present their views on cases and general policy questions, followed by a discussion of the economic implications with the audience.

Organizing Committee

Kai Hüschelrath (ZEW)

Georg Licht (ZEW)

Volker Nocke (University of Mannheim)

Martin Peitz (University of Mannheim and ZEW)

Heike Schweitzer (University of Mannheim)

Konrad Stahl (University of Mannheim and ZEW)

2009 Schedule

The preliminary schedule for 2009 can be downloaded here.

2010 Schedule

The preliminary schedule for 2010 can be downloaded here.

Further Information

The series typically takes place every other Thursday during term. Presentations start at 5.15 p.m. Further information on the forum – such as topics, presenters, dates and locations – are provided in the List of all events below.


You can download the flyer for the Mannheim Competition Policy Forum here.


Dr. Kai Hüschelrath,

List of all events

Current Events

Daniel Rubinfeld
Empirical Issues in Antitrust

Michael Waterson
Aspects of competition in the electricity industry in the UK

Gunnar Niels
Quantifying antitrust damages

Past Events

Benoit Durand
The Statoil / Conoco Phillips (JET) Case

Hans Friederiszick
Competition between Railway Operators and Low Cost Carriers in Long-Distance Passenger Transport

Christoph Riechmann
Competition Enquiries in the Dutch Gas Sector - Economics Put to Practice

Ulrich Schwalbe
Leniency Programs - Economic Models and Legal Practice

Szabolcs Lorincz
Use and Abuse of Quantitative Analysis in Merger Control

Thomas W. Ross
Some Anticompetitive Effects of Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

Maarten P. Schinkel
On the Overcharge Method as a Measure for Antitrust Damages

Justus Haucap
Competition and Price Discrimination in the German Mobile Telecommunications Market

Peter Mollgaard
Fishy business: Multi-jurisdictional treatment of a horizontal merger in salmon farming

Patrick Rey
Interconnection Agreements and Network Competition

Michael Waldman
Competition, Monopoly and Aftermarkets

Christian Ewald
Economics in Competition Law - Challenges and Desired Standards

Gabor Kezdi
Estimating Switching Costs from Aggregated Data

Yannis Katsoulacos
On Optimal Legal Standards for Competition Policy: A General Welfare-Based Analysis

Jorge Padilla
Are Joint Negotiations in Standard Setting "Reasonably Necessary"?