Iris Kesternich is professor of behavioural economics at KU Leuven and Nucleus Professor of Economics, in particular empirical health economics, at the University of Hamburg. Her research focuses on three core areas: First, she studies the impact of non-monetary incentives on health and labour markets, such as the influence of professional norms on medical decisions. Second, she looks at the long-term consequences of adverse events such as experiences of hunger or war on health, and third, she analyses both consumer preferences and provider behaviour in health and care markets.

Iris Kesternich is an associate editor at the Journal for Economic Behavior and Organization. She is a member of the Health Economics Committee of the German Economic Association (VfS). She founded the Committee for International Cooperation within the German Society for Health Economics (dggö).

Furthermore, she is a ZEW Research Associate and cooperates with the research group “Health Care Markets and Health Policy” at ZEW Mannheim.

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