The purpose of the SEEK project "European Network on Better Institutions – ZEW ENBI" is to establish a network of European research institutes under the direction of ZEW. This network shall carry out applied research on questions relating to institutional reforms in Europe – an area in which ZEW has already been actively involved through the work of several of its Research Units for many years. The network shall thereby make a significant contribution to the relevant debate through policy proposals. The work is organised in three annual cycles, each of which focuses on one of the following areas:

- Sustainable fiscal governance,
- Fiscal policy coordination,
- Regulating sovereign debt restructurings.

Each of the cycles aims to generate an original and research-backed proposal for institutional reform in Europe. This is achieved through applied research which shall be collated in academic papers and disseminated in an annual policy report. Existing research cooperations, some of which were established in previous SEEK projects, will be further consolidated and institutionalised within the framework of this project.