This research project was initiated by a proposed EU guideline offering the last car owner an opening to return the used model and preparing a binding regulation of end-of-life car redemption for producers and impoters under given recycling rates. These specifications will accordingly have to be implemented on the national level, presumably by going beyond existing policies. Various financing alternatives for individual or collective redemption systems were analysed, for example funds or insurance schemes, each with respect to the specific legal and economic landscape.

Selected Publications

Monographs, Contributions to Edited Volumes

Brockmann, Karl Ludwig, S. Deimann, F. Wallau and B. Dette (2000), Evaluierung von Finanzierungsmodellen zur Durchführung der kostenlosen Rückgabe von Altautos, UBA-Texte, LLL:citation.label.volume 00/42, Berlin.


Umweltbundesamt , Dessau , DE

Project duration

01.01.2000 - 30.04.2000

Cooperation partner

Institut für Mittelstandsforschung, Bonn, DE
Öko-Institut, Darmstadt