This project analysed the determinants of productivity of older employees on the basis of the IABS data set and the ICT survey of the ZEW. A special emphasis was put on the role of information and communication technologies (ICT). On the one hand older employees probably have difficulties to handle these innovative technologies, on the other hand these technologies could compensate physical deficiencies of older employees. Due to the positive correlation between productivity and employability of older employees, training could be an appropriate means to increase the employment proportion of older individuals. Analysing the participation of older workers in training activities was therefore an important part of the project. In the empirical analysis we took into account, however, that the productivity of older employees frequently is endogenous in productivity estimations or in other words that older employees still working in establishments might be the result of a positive selection.

Selected Publications

Discussion and Working Papers

Zwick, Thomas (2008), Earnings Losses After Non-Employment Increase With Age, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 08-041, Mannheim, LLL:citation.label.journal: Schmalenbach Business Review. Download

Schleife, Katrin (2008), IT Training and Employability of Older Workers, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 08-021, Mannheim. Download

Project duration

01.08.2007 - 31.07.2008

Project members

Prof. Dr. Thomas Zwick (Coordinator)
Dr. Katrin Schleife