The aim of this research project is to develop and to analyse concepts for the comprehensive integration of owner occupied housing in the public support programmes for capital-based old age provision.

The goal is to analyse models which allow equal treatment of real estate and monetary asset formation in the context of incentive programmes to encourage private pension savings ("Riester-Förderung"). In particular, a model should be constructed that accounts for families specific needs with respect to old age provision, as these households carry a triple burden consisting of contributions to social security systems, expenses related to the upbringing of their children and the accumulation of their own respective old age capital.

The research project´s general objective is to develop proposals that

  • reduce the financial burdens for owner occupiers of houses and help to provide a secure income in the retirement age;
  • ensure a high degree of intelligibility and acceptance among the target groups;
  • cause the least possible administrative effort among public service agencies and financial service providers;
  • allow for equal promotion of private home ownership as compared to alternative forms of financial private old age provision.