In today's digitalized economy, data is considered a central resource and offers enormous innovation potential for operational value creation. Nevertheless, data is still insufficiently used and exchanged in Germany because, inter alia, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular do not recognize the potential and benefits, there is a lack of domain experts, or concerns about data security pose a major hurdle. The goal of the IEDS project is to advance the shaping of data sharing in a corporate context through interdisciplinary research and to derive incentive systems for data sharing as well as to support the further development of the data economy. Long-term strategic data management is essential for the sustainable success of a company, so a practical concept for the development of a data strategy will be established, considering data governance structures, data quality metrics and the necessary IT infrastructure. The exchange and harnessing of data enables innovative data-driven business models, for whose development blueprints and process models are being developed. A core aspect of data exchange is the valuation of data and its consideration as an intangible asset. Based on this, IEDS develops appropriate methods and tools with which companies can determine the economic value of data and are enabled to handle the resource data in a legally compliant manner. Through the use of AI technologies, a prototype will be developed that simplifies data exchange through matching mechanisms. A reference architecture will also set a standard for sharing data to make the combination and use of data more efficient. The project establishes incentive systems for purposeful data exchange as well as connecting points for the cloud infrastructure GAIA-X and thus ultimately creates the framework for the economic exploitation of data.

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