Building on the Socio-Ecologic Panel (SÖP) established in the BMBF-funded project Eval-MAP (, the objectives of the proposed project Eval-MAP II are twofold. First, we will undertake impact assessments of mitigation and adaptation measures that are targeted at the residential sector and implemented pursuant to Germany’s obligations under the Paris Agreement. Second, we will explore the associated social implications, including household preferences for and acceptance of alternative energy mixes as well as perceptions of fairness with respect to cost sharing, with an eye toward discerning the political feasibility of the evaluated measures. Augmenting the household panel data set initiated in Eval-MAP, Eval-MAP II will develop econometric and experimental approaches toward evidence-based evaluations of climate policy instruments and adaptation measures. To this end, we will add two additional surveys to the publicly available data set originating from Eval-MAP (, thereby expanding the foundation for the evidence-based evaluation of adaptation and mitigation measures by the scientific community.