The European Network for Economic and Fiscal Policy Research is a unique research network consisting of the ifo Institute as the network coordinator and eight other European economic research institutes and universities from seven countries. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach it will focus on the economic, legal and policy aspects of high-priority financial and economic policy issues related to European integration. The mission of EconPol Europe is to contribute the findings of the social sciences to resolving the pressing economic and fiscal policy issues in the European Union, to promote growth, prosperity and social cohesion in Europe as well as to make sound contributions to the successful development of the European Monetary Union. EconPol Europe focuses on four core research areas that are currently of special relevance to Europe:

  1. Sustainable growth and ‘best practice’,
  2. EU policy reform and the EU budget,
  3. Capital markets and financial sector regulation,
  4. Governance and macroeconomic policy in the European Monetary Union.