CARISMA aims to contribute to the overarching objective of a sustainable, climate-resilient economy and society in the European Union and beyond. The project makes a contribution in the field of climate change mitigation options. The CARISMA project aims to coordinate and support the maintenance, strengthening and assessment of an evidence base that is responsive to the information needs, and to improve the understanding, of climate change mitigation-relevant decision-makers in the public and the private sector. In this project, decision-makers are consulted and actively informed of the latest findings related to climate change mitigation actions and their interactions with climate change adaptation, green growth, innovation and sustainable development. We focus on the following four target audiences, and the following associated objectives:Policymakers (local, national, European) are provided with recent data, information and insights, and are thus enabled to make better decisions through an assessment of technologies, practices, policies and governance strategies for climate change mitigation options.Business and industry will have access to better information on the potential of mitigation options in the EU and technology transfer potential in foreign markets, as well as the policy and governance contexts in which their decisions are made. Scientists and researchers in the field of climate change mitigation options will work in a context of a more robust and interlinked research and innovation base in the EU.Research funders and innovation decision-makers will have access to targeted information on mitigation options that allow them to prioritise those options that can make the greatest difference, globally and in Europe.