The aim of the project is to show and evaluate policy options for a regulatory framework for the digital economy. The project will deal with the digital economy in the strict sense, i.e. the provision of digital infrastructure, content and services, and with the digitalization of other sectors of the economy.

Based on a meta study that surveys the current state of the digital economy, the project partners will, in several individual studies, take a deeper look at specific aspects. These will be discussed in workshops with stakeholders from business, science and politics.

Selected Publications

Discussion and Working Papers

Fetzer, Thomas (2018), Impulsstudie „Telekommunikationsregulierung 4.0“, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 18-012, Mannheim. Download

Schweitzer, Heike, Thomas Fetzer and Martin Peitz (2016), Digitale Plattformen: Bausteine für einen künftigen Ordnungsrahmen, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 16-042, Mannheim. Download