1. Refereed Journal // 2023

    How Do Low-Income Enrollees in the Affordable Care Act Marketplaces Respond to Cost Sharing?

    The Affordable Care Act requires insurers to offer cost sharing reductions (CSRs) to low-income consumers on the Marketplaces. We link 2013-2015 All-Payer Claims Data to 2004-2013 administrative hospital…

  2. Refereed Journal // 2023

    Are the Supporters of Socialism the Losers of Capitalism? Conformism in East Germany and Transition Success

    The empirical literature is inconclusive about whether a country's democratization has a long-lasting impact on former supporters or opponents of the bygone regime. With newly available individual-level data of…

  3. Contributions to Edited Volumes and Conference Proceedings // 2022

    Research and development subsidies

  4. Contributions to Edited Volumes and Conference Proceedings // 2022

    Financing constraints for innovation

  5. Refereed Journal // 2022

    Additionality or opportunism: Do host-country R&D subsidies impact innovation in foreign MNC subsidiaries?

    Host-country policies shape the incentives and opportunities of MNC subsidiaries to innovate. However, prior research largely ignores the agency of foreign MNC subsidiaries receiving government R&D subsidies…

  6. Refereed Journal // 2022

    Competing for digital human capital: The retention effect of digital expertise in MNC subsidiaries

    Employees with relevant knowledge and skills for digitalization have become increasingly important for the competitiveness of MNCs. However, the shortage of such digital human capital in many host countries is…

  7. Discussion and Working Paper // 2022

    Fundamentally Reforming the DI System: Evidence from German Notch Cohorts

    We study a fundamental reform of the public Disability Insurance (DI) system in Germany. Effective 2001, cohorts born after 1960 are no longer eligible for “occupational DI.” Occupational DI (ODI) implies…