1. Contributions to Edited Volumes and Conference Proceedings // 2022

    Neue Ordnung in der Krankenhausfinanzierung

  2. Contributions to Edited Volumes and Conference Proceedings // 2022

    Levelling the Playing Field

  3. ZEW policy brief No. 22-05 // 2022

    Was tun, wenn der Markt kollabiert?

    Die Situation ist ernst. Etliche Gaskunden werden im Winter ihre Heizung herunterdrehen oder ihre Produktion herunterfahren müssen. Je kälter der Winter, desto größer das Problem. Ökonomen sind sich weitgehend…

  4. Refereed Journal // 2022

    The Better You Feel, the Harder You Fall”: Health Perception Biases and Mental Health Among Chinese Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The health risks of the current COVID-19 pandemic, together with the drastic mitigation measures taken in many affected nations, pose an obvious threat to public mental health. To assess predictors of poor…

  5. Contributions to Edited Volumes and Conference Proceedings // 2022

    Inanspruchnahme und Verteilungswirkungen

  6. ZEW policy brief No. 22-06 // 2022

    Price Subsidies May Impair Competition in Retail Market for Natural Gas

    Policymakers have been discussing various potential measures to cushion the impact of skyrocketing gas prices and prevent supply shortages. On 10 October 2022 an expert commission in Germany proposed a plan to…

  7. Discussion and Working Paper // 2022

    E-Commerce, Delivery Drones and Their Impact on Cities

    E-commerce has gained importance over the last years and the COVID-19 pandemic has further strengthened this development. With the increasing opportunities that novel transport technologies, amongst them cargo…

  8. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 22-051 // 2022

    Executive Compensation Tied to ESG Performance: International Evidence

    This paper examines the reliance on ESG metrics in executive compensation contracts. In our sample of international publicly traded firms, a rapidly growing fraction incorporate ESG metrics in the compensation…