Latest Press Releases

  1. Research // 01.08.2002

    Business Productivity: Lean Management is More Effective than Employee Participation

    Businesses which have implemented group work, profit centres or flat hierarchies in the last several years have thereby been able to sustainably increase their productivity. Introducing a system in which…
  2. Research // 30.07.2002

    Productivity in the Service Sector: Businesses with Experience in Innovation Benefit to a Greater Extent from ICT

    The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) increases the productivity of service providers in Germany. The extent to which productivity increases, however, depends on the strategies used, and…
  3. Research // 25.07.2002

    Falling Share Prices Inhibit Private Spending

    For more than two years, global share prices have been falling sharply. This loss in the value of shares seems to put consumers off spending, and is therefore damaging overall economic growth.
  4. Research // 24.07.2002

    Service providers in the Information Economy Once Again Pessimistic

    The optimistic expectations of service providers in the information economy have once again been disappointed in the second quarter of 2002. The rate of growth in turnover in this economic sector has slowed and…
  5. Research // 24.07.2002

    E-Commerce Widely Used by Service Providers in the Information Economy

    The acceptance of E-Commerce for purchasing is relatively high amongst service providers in the information economy. Around 65 per cent of these businesses use the internet as a purchasing channel.
  6. Research // 18.07.2002

    Balance Sheet Scandals and Stock Analyses: Analysts Want Hard Facts Rather than Vague Predications

    The balance sheet scandals of the US corporations Worldcom, Enron and Xerox have led to long-term uncertainty in the global stock market. In their quest to find some certainty in these rather uncertain times,…
  7. Research // 09.07.2002

    ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment: Analysts Remain Optimistic Despite Weak Stock Markets

    The economic expectations of German analysts have so far been unaffected by the latest stock market decline. The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for Germany decreased by a slight 0.5 points in July compared…
  8. Research // 26.06.2002

    Euro Appreciation Reduces Inflation Rate

    The current appreciation of the euro against the US dollar and other currencies will have a dampening effect on the inflation rate in the Eurozone, as measured by the Harmonized Consumer Price Index.
  9. Research // 11.06.2002

    ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment: Remaining at a High Level

    The ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for Germany increases in June after having declined in May. Compared with the previous month's result the indicator gains +3,3 points and is now standing at +69,6 points.…