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  1. Comment // 10.11.2017

    Without an Insolvency Procedure for Sovereigns, Europe is on Course to Become a Transfer Union

    The next German government should not agree to any reform of the Eurozone that does not include the introduction of an insolvency system for Member States deep in government debt. To mark the founding…
  2. Comment // 09.11.2017

    Germany Must Take Precautions for the Next Economic Crisis

    The German Federal Ministry of Finance’s Working Party on Tax Revenue Estimates has for the second time this year made an upward adjustment of its forecasts for federal, state and municipal tax revenues in…
  3. Comment // 26.09.2017

    Macron Is Setting the Right Priorities for the Future EU Budget

    French President Emmanuel Macron has laid out his vision for reform of the European Union and the Eurozone. In his speech, he called for Europe to strengthen its efforts in the fields of defence policy, common…