The Geography of Eco-Innovations and Sustainability Transitions

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Although grand societal challenges such as climate change or the loss of biodiversity are global in nature, large spatial differences in the generation and application of sustainable solutions are evident. In this QUEST-seminar, Hendrik Hansmeier presents first results of his dissertation project that investigates eco-innovative change from a regional perspective in Germany. In particular, the thesis addresses the question of key actors of change. Against this background, the current paper tries to uncover and explain regional patterns of eco-innovation in the mobility sector in Germany. The methodological basis form patent data and start-up data from the Mannheim Enterprise Panel (MUP), which are assigned to the NUTS-3 level (“Kreise”). Even though final results are not yet available, both patent- and start-up-driven regions can be identified, revealing a spatially nuanced picture of transformative change in the mobility sector.




Hendrik Hansmeier

Hendrik Hansmeier // Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI), Karlsruhe

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Johannes Bersch
Junior Research Associate
Johannes Bersch
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