1. 17.03.2021 · ZEW (fbr/jgl/ybr)
    DIFI Report by ZEW and JLL
    Coronavirus | Real estate | Real estate financing | Office estate | Home Office
    The German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI)

    The German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI) by ZEW Mannheim and JLL continues its recovery in the first quarter of 2021. Despite the gain, it still remains in the red with a total of minus 14 points (plus 9.5 points compared to the previous quarter). Both the current financial situation and the financing outlook for the forthcoming six months are assessed more positively than at the end of the fiscal year 2020. According to the survey participants, the outlook is bleak for the retail sector, which is struggling due to the lockdown brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. By contrast, there is more of a positive outlook regarding the financing situation for office and hotel properties in the next six months

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  2. 15.03.2021 · ZEW (awh)
    Coronavirus | ZEWnews
    Achim Wambach explains why exponential growth could become the term of the year 2020.

    ‘Exponential growth’ should have been the expression of the year 2020. In the mathematics courses of coming decades, the coronavirus is sure to serve as a prime example of exponential growth. Yet the virus is not the only factor in our lives that exhibits an exponential growth function.

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  3. 12.03.2021 · ZEW (ggr/lra)
    Public Events
    ZEWBookTalk | Tax competition
    UC Berkeley Associate Professor Gabriel Zucman in dialogue with ZEW President Professor Achim Wambach.

    Do all Americans pay a fair amount of tax? Not at all. On the contrary, there is a huge disparity in the taxation of average workers and the taxation of the wealthy, especially the super-rich, according to UC Berkeley Associate Professor Gabriel Zucman. On 10 March 2021, the economist presented his new book ‘The Triumph of Injustice: How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay’ virtually at ZEW Mannheim, which he wrote together with Emmanuel Saez. Zucman is also leading the newly established European Tax Observatory that has commenced its work in 2021. ZEW President Professor Achim Wambach moderated the third edition of #ZEWBookTalk.

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  4. 04.03.2021 · ZEW (mfk/sel)
     Around 250 people had the virtual opportunity to be part of the discussion on climate economics.

    What role does information play for policymaking in the area of climate protection? Can information have a political impact if this information reaches citizens and provides incentives for climate-friendly behaviour? Last week, representatives from the realms of academia, business, policymaking and society discussed how these questions can be approached at the national and European level within the framework of the Forum Climate Economics 8. The forum was organised as a virtual event, allowing an audience of around 250 viewers to follow the discussion and participate via chat.

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  5. 25.02.2021 · ZEW (dhr/ksd/ybr)
    Dates and News
    Student competition | Pupils
     Once again this year, researchers from ZEW Mannheim are mentoring school groups on their way to solving questions about the future.

    What will be left of our houses, savings and pensions in times of low interest rates? What distinguishes sustainable start-up companies from other firms? How can refugees be successfully integrated into the labour market – especially in light of the pandemic? How can we get young people excited about economics? These are some of the questions that will be tackled by the student teams participating in the 2021 YES! – Young Economic Summit, Germany’s biggest school competition on economic issues. Researchers of ZEW will mentor and support the students during the competition.

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  6. 24.02.2021 · ZEW (kki/ybr)
    Financing | Coronavirus
    Professor Monika Bütler from the University of St. Galen about Retirement systems and her current activities.

    How does demographic change affect financial markets and their actors? What are the policy implications of current research findings, and how can research evolve from this? To address these questions, ZEW Mannheim organised the first conference on “Ageing and Financial Markets” from 10 to 12 February 2021 as an online-only event with guests from all over the world.

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  7. 19.02.2021 · ZEW (ssz/ybr)
    Social security | Coronavirus | Home Office
    Stock picture illustrating the ZEW workshop

    Against the backdrop of the pandemic, ZEW Mannheim’s Research Department “Social Policy and Redistribution” organised a workshop that focused on the lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis and how to respond to it through economic research.

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  8. 18.02.2021 · ZEW (awh/ggr)
    Dates and News
    ZEW President | Digital Economy
     The book by ZEW President Professor Achim Wambach and Handelsblatt journalist Hans Christian Müller is now one of the twelve most readable books in China.

    Just in time for the Chinese New Year on 12 February, the Chinese Tencent Research Institute once again published its annual list of the twelve most recommended books for 2021. This time, the list includes the book “Digitaler Wohlstand für alle” (“Digital Prosperity for All”), published by Campus-Verlag and written by ZEW President Professor Achim Wambach together with Handelsblatt journalist Hans Christian Müller. At the beginning of December 2020, the Chinese translation of the book was published by Social Sciences Academic Press in China.

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  9. 11.02.2021 · ZEW (ggr/lra)
    Public Events
    Martin Brudermüller and ZEW President Achim Wambach discussing BASF’s sustainability strategy

    We create chemistry for a sustainable future – this is one of the commitments of BASF SE as it moves towards the energy transition. As an integral part of the chemical industry, the world’s biggest chemical enterprise in terms of turnover is also one of the most energy-intensive companies in the world. As part of the lecture series “First-Hand Information on Economic Policy” on 9 December 2021, Dr. Martin Brudermüller, CEO of BASF SE, and ZEW President Professor Achim Wambach discussed the sustainability strategy of BASF.

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  10. 11.02.2021 · ZEW (bkr/ybr)
    Coronavirus | Innovation
     Panelists in panel discussion.

    The coronavirus pandemic has led to abrupt changes, forcing companies to adapt their established work processes and develop new solutions. Against this background, ZEW Mannheim and the Stifterverband jointly organised an online workshop on the impact of the current crisis on the German innovation system, which took place on 28 January 2021. This event, which was supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), provided an opportunity for around 200 representatives from businesses, research and policymaking to engage in intensive exchange.

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