The increasing interlocking of classical value chains and ultra-modern information technologies became generally known as industry 4.0. The chances, risks, and challenges of the digitalization do not only affect companies and employees. Whole national economies have to cope with the issue: What does the fourth industrial revolution mean for us? This year´s ZEW Wirtschaftsforum by the Centre for European Economic Research is dedicated to "Europa im Digitalen Wettbewerb" (Europe in digital competition) on Thursday, 11th June 2015. The future of the economy will be discussed. EU digital commissioner Günther H. Oettinger will give a lecture on a pan-European digital internal market.

EU Digital Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger During his Lecture on the Occasion of the ZEW Wirtschaftsforum 2015

After the introduction by ZEW President Professor Dr Clemens Fuest and Professor Dr Irene Bertschek, head of the ZEW research department “Information and Communication Technologies”, the EU Commissioner for digital economy and society Günther H. Oettinger will focus on "Europas Digitale Zukunft" (Europe´s digital future) and the possibilities of a common digital internal market in Europe.

The ZEW Wirtschaftsforum will end by a panel discussion focusing on "Industrie 4.0: Zukunft der Wirtschaft und Ende der Arbeit?" (Industry 4.0: future of the economy.and end of labour?). ZEW President Fuest moderates the discussion with

  • Prof. Dr Martin Przewloka, Senior Vice President of the software producer SAP SE in Walldorf/ Germany as well as global head of division and programme of the in-house Innovation Center,
  • Dr Peter Adolphs, graduate engineer and director of "Entwicklung & Marketing" (development & marketing) of the company for automation and sensor systems Pepperl+Fuchs in Mannheim,
  • Gerhard Steiger, graduate economist and president of the business area "Chassis Systems Control" of the automotive supplier Robert Bosch GmbH in Gerlingen near Stuttgart/ Germany as well as
  • ZEW head of research department Prof. Dr Irene Bertschek, who is also member of the advisory circle of the German federal government "Arbeiten 4.0" (Labour 4.0).

Since 1999 the ZEW Wirtschaftsforum yearly brings together companies, associations, and governmental institutions in order to discuss topical politico-economic issues. In the past years speakers like the the former vice president of the European Commission Commissioner Günter Verheugen, the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder as well as the president of the Deutsche Bundesbank Dr Jens Weidmann accepted ZEW´s invitation.





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