Whether you are interested in doing an internship, work as a student assistant or getting started in science: ZEW Mannheim – as one of the leading economic research institutions in Europe – is the ideal place to kick-start your career. This year, the ZEW human resources department will once again attend the University of Mannheim’s CareerFair to provide information on career options at ZEW. Students will have the opportunity to ask members of the HR team career-related questions on 28 April 2021 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. via the digital platform “talentspace”.

As every year, ZEW is part of the career fair of the University of Mannheim.
ZEW at the Virtual CareerFair 2021.

Thanks to its cutting-edge research and the excellent qualification of its approximately 200 employees, ZEW has distinguished itself both as a competent cooperation partner in the scientific community as well as a sought-after provider of economic policy advice. ZEW offers outstanding young researchers the opportunity to work on projects in an academically challenging and application-oriented research environment whilst working on further qualifications that can serve as a firm basis for a career in research, business, government ministries and other organisations. University graduates who wish to begin their academic career at ZEW and obtain their doctoral degree have several pathways to choose from, one being the PhD track offered by the University of Mannheim’s Center for Doctoral Studies in Economics (CDSE) in cooperation with ZEW. Regardless of the path chosen, clear milestones help to insure progress along a swift and secure path.

Award-winning employer

The institution has received the TOTAL E-QUALITY award several times, recognising ZEW as an employer who is particularly committed to ensuring equal opportunities for men and women in the workplace and as an institute that sets a good example in the reconciliation of work and family life. There are numerous individual agreements regarding working volumes and the distribution of working hours, which are geared to the needs of the employees, thus offering the greatest possible flexibility. In addition, top priority is given to fair recruitment and development practices, promoting cooperative behaviour in the workplace and making gender equality an integral part of organisational development.

Students will have the opportunity to ask members of the ZEW HR team career-related questions at CareerFair 2021.