ZEW Organises “Future Day” for Children and Young People

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Cooperation Partners HABA and TUMO Convey Digital Skills in an Interactive Manner

HABA Workshop on Digitalisation at ZEW: Colourful Future Day for Children and Adults on Digitalisation and Economics

On 13 May 2023, ZEW Mannheim hosted an information event with workshops on digitalisation for children and young people aged six to 18. The event allowed participants to explore digitalisation in a playful manner. ZEW Mannheim collaborated with well-known organisers/providers such as the Mannheim toy shop Urmel, the toy manufacturer HABA, the association Starkmacher e. V., and the learning centre TUMO. Approximately 100 participants had the opportunity to experiment with digital technologies and bring their creative ideas to life at different interactive stations.

Experienced educators taught children and young people about programming, robotics and web development. All cooperation partners placed great emphasis on teaching practical skills in dealing with digital media. In addition to the practical and theoretical sessions, the workshop also offered space for exchange with other participants and the organisers. This way, the children could ask questions and connect with like-minded individuals.

Future Day a successful offer for young people

Manuel Lauer from the ZEW Research Unit "Digital Economy" provided insights into the institute's current research on digitalisation for the parents and relatives of the children.

The workshop provided an excellent opportunity to learn about digitalisation in a playful manner and acquire skills that are important for the future. The organisers demonstrated that digital technologies are not just exciting and entertaining but also facilitate the acquisition of essential skills and offer significant potential for personal and social development. Manuel Lauer from ZEW’s “Digital Economy” Unit shared insights into the institute’s current digitalisation research for parents and relatives of the children.

ZEW's Managing Director Thomas Kohl and Karla Schneider-Dörken in conversation with guests.

ZEW Managing Director Thomas Kohl explained: “Promoting young researchers and facilitating targeted knowledge transfer of economic research has been a long-standing strategic focus for ZEW. With the Future Day, we are expanding our offer for the next generation. Nowadays, digital skills are just as crucial as reading, writing, and maths. Early acquisition of digital competencies is vital for proficient use of digital media, as learning new skills becomes challenging with age. ZEW’s commitment to the Future Day aligns with its sustainability strategy. The great response and enthusiasm from children and young people affirm the significance of this decision.”