The coronavirus crisis challenges the very core of teaching practice. Onsite seminars have been suspended and moved to the virtual space. To support lecturers at universities and other higher education institutions, ZEW now offers new online courses to develop high-quality e-learning formats.

During the corona crisis ZEW helps universities with online courses.
With its new online courses, ZEW supports lecturers in developing effective virtual seminars.

As a result of the current crisis, digital learning arrangements have not only become inevitable, but also offer a chance to try new things. Lecturers at universities and other higher education institutions are currently facing the challenge of having to adapt and teach their seminars in a way that suits the digital format. This not only requires them to overcome technical challenges; virtual seminars also make other educational methods and approaches in the psychology of communication necessary. Many people find themselves in an unfamiliar situation and therefore consider digital classes more demanding than face-to-face seminars.

Seminars offered by ZEW

With the online courses “Virtuelle Seminare an Universitäten und Hochschulen” (“Virtual Seminars at Universities and Other Higher Education Institutions”), the service department for further training at ZEW aims to support lecturers throughout these developments. The courses shed light on how to plan digital formats in an efficient and effective manner, and on what steps are necessary for virtual seminars to be successful. With their in-depth expertise in organizing online courses, the ZEW training experts aim to help lecturers gain confidence in teaching in the virtual space. In this seminar, the participants will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in small groups and ask individual questions.

The Service Department “Knowledge Transfer and Qualification Programmes”

ZEW places great emphasis on the transfer of knowledge, which is conducted at multiple levels. As the only German economic research institute with an inhouse further training department, ZEW offers attractive training opportunities for researchers and practitioners – informed by research whilst remaining relevant to practice.

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