ZEW Alumni Meet at the 2016 Economic Forum

Public Events

The 2016 ZEW Economic Forum brought together numerous ZEW alumni.

Numerous alumni of the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) have high-level positions in companies, research institutions, ministries and administration. After leaving ZEW, they have stayed connected with the institute and share their experience with current ZEW staff members. This is exactly what the alumni meeting at the 2016 ZEW Economic Forum was about. Three presentations by alumni, which were held under the theme "Professional Experience at ZEW: Reviews and Prospects", looked back on the speakers' time at ZEW and addressed the individual benefits of working at the institute.

Professor Heidi Bergmann from the Engineering and Management Department of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Dr. Jenny Meyer, founder of the company "fit4consulting", and Professor Alfred Spielkamp from the Business Studies Department of the Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences talked about their early career stages and rigorous scientific training at ZEW, as well as the professional steps that followed. Their presentations provided food for thought and were met with great interest by the 25 alumni who accepted the invitation to come to the Economic Forum and by many visitors.

Heidi Bergmann is a former member of the "Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management" Research Department, while Jenny Meyer worked for the "Information and Communication Technologies" Research Department. Alfred Spielkamp is a ZEW Research Associate and collaborates closely with the "Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics" Research Department.

Professor Achim Wambach, ZEW's new president, introduced himself to the alumni; director Thomas Kohl presented recent developments taking place at the institute.