SEEK Research Programme: Awarding of Projects 2011

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The second round of competition of the SEEK research programme was successfully concluded with the selection of eight research projects. Now the research teams of the projects, which will be funded within the programme, are going to begin their work. Altogether, 25 project proposals were developed by ZEW employees in cooperation with internationally renowned researchers. The proposals were externally evaluated by the scientific board of the SEEK research programme.

Members of the scientific board, amongst others, are Daron Acemoglu (MIT), Bronwyn Hall (University of California at Berkeley & Maastricht University), Kai Konrad (MPI Munich), Josh Lerner (Harvard Business School), Stephen Machin (University College London), Pierre Mohnen (UNU-MERIT & Maastricht University) and Fabrizio Zilibotti (University of Zurich).

In the second funding period 2011 the following eight projects will be funded within the SEEK research programme:

  • Fostering Competitiveness of the European Car Industry
  • Estimating the Macroeconomic Elasticity of Substitution between Clean and Dirty Production
  • The Division of Tasks, Offshoring and the Competitiveness of Europe’s Knowledge Economy
  • The Effect of (Relative) Wages and Human Capital on Fertility Choices: Lessons From East Germany’s Fertility Decline After Unification
  • Incentives and Creativity – Enhancing Innovation in Europe’s Knowledge Economies
  • Diffusion of Climate-Friendly Technologies – The Role of Intellectual Property Rights, Human Capital and Environmental Policy
  • How Philanthropy Affects Corporate Competitiveness in Europe
  • Private Funding of Higher Education – Human Capital as an Asset Class

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