Dr. Jesper Riedler studied industrial engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt. In 2017 he received his doctorate degree in economics from Justus Liebig University in Giessen. In his dissertation, he developed agent-based models to study financial market stability and the impact of financial regulation. After receiving his doctorate he spent a year as a postdoctoral research fellow at the African Institute of Financial Markets and Risk Management at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

Jesper Riedler joined ZEW's Research Department “International Finance and Financial Management” in 2011. His research interests include financial intermediation, financial market stability and bank regulation. He is also interested in how unconventional monetary policy affects capital markets, banks and firms. Furthermore, he works on applications of artificial intelligence methods to economic theory.

Since 2013 Jesper Riedler has been part of the team managing the ZEW Financial Market Survey. The survey is conducted on a monthly basis amongst financial market experts and produces one of the most important leading economic development indicators for Germany, also known as ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment or ZEW Index.

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