Dr. Frank Brückbauer

Dr. Frank Brückbauer

Pensions and Sustainable Financial Markets

Dr. Frank Brückbauer joined the Research Unit “Pensions and Sustainable Financial Markets” in August 2014. His current research focuses on expectation formation and banking. Frank Brückbauer is part of the team that manages the ZEW Financial Market Survey. Among other tasks, he is responsible for the conception of the questionnaire, the conduct of the surveys as well as the analysis and communication of the survey results. He also uses ZEW Financial Market Survey data in his research. His newest research projects explore under which conditions green financial intermediation can have a positive impact for the climate. In his research, he taps new data sources using text analysis methods.

In 2022, Frank Brückbauer received his doctorate degree from the University of Mannheim. He studied management and economics at the universities of Mainz and Mannheim.

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Frank Brückbauer

Dr. Frank Brückbauer

Advanced Researcher Email Frank.Brueckbauer@zew.de Phone + 49 (0)621 1235-148
Unit: Pensions and Sustainable Financial Markets

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