Starting from the first evaluation of sector-specific minimum wages that had been initiated by the Federal Ministry of Labour in 2010, the aim of the project is to examine alternative methods for the evaluation of minimum wages in Germany. To do so, we first systematize the evaluation approaches that have been adopted in the first evaluation round. In a second step, we identify alternative approaches to evaluate the introduction of sector-specific minimum wages in Germany. For this purpose, we plan to conduct a structured review of alternative approaches that go beyond the difference-in-difference methods used in the first evaluation. Finally, we assess the applicability of alternative methods with respect to the specific institutional context in Germany.

Selected Publications


Aretz, Bodo, Melanie Arntz, Holger Bonin, Sebastian Butschek, Annabelle Dörr, Bernd Fitzenberger, Terry Gregory, Nicole Gürtzgen, Holger Stichnoth and Thomas Walter (2014), Vorbereitende Forschung für die zweite Evaluationsrunde Mindestlöhne , Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales, Berlin. Download

Project duration

01.07.2013 - 15.11.2013

Project members

Prof. Dr. Nicole Gürtzgen (Coordinator)
Prof. Bernd Fitzenberger, PhD
Dr. Bodo Aretz
Prof. Dr. Melanie Arntz
Prof. Dr. Holger Bonin
Sebastian Butschek
Annabelle Doerr, PhD
Dr. Terry Gregory
Prof. Dr. Holger Stichnoth
Dr. Thomas Walter