Provision of Standard Tables on Start-ups

Provision of Standard Tables on Start-ups

Period: 01.09.2000 – 30.09.2001

Recently, the ZEW was asked several times to provide indicators for start-up activities in Germany and Austria. The ZEW had to aggregate the data according to time-periods, regions, and sectors in order to respond to these inquiries. In the past, this itemisation was very time-consuming and cost-intensive. Therefore, the aim of this project is to program standard evaluations so as to respond to the majority of inquiries. We will also elaborate a detailed description of the ZEW Foundation Panel and documentation on standard evaluations which will be made available to the users of the ZEW Indicators on foundation activities, and to other interested parties. After the completion of the project, the standard tables and documentation will be annually updated so that there will be reliable data on foundation activities from 1989 to the "latest margin" (2001 is at present the last available year) at the beginning of every year. In addition, the indicators on foundation activities generated in this project will be used for regular reports on start-ups in Germany and will serve as a basis for the observation of foundation dynamism within the scope of other projects.

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