Digital technologies are widely recognized as the key factor of aggregate and sectoral increases of productivity in recent times. While the potential of digitisation to substitute for jobs has been widely studied, less is known so far on the employment creation resulting from productivity increases and increased demand at the sectoral level.

The study will assess the potential of ICT to reduce prices through increased productivity by sector for major economies of the world. Based on the results, it will estimate the effect on demand for goods and services of each sector at these lower prices and deduce potential employment impacts.

Results will feed the justification and the problem definition of related policies and will help strengthening the Commission’s narrative on digital skills and digital employment policies. It will in particular shed light on the sectoral dimension of employment effects and compare effects observed in major EU countries with effects in other large advanced and emerging economies.

Selected Publications


Niebel, Thomas, Marianne Saam and Patrick Schulte (2018), The Sectoral Impact of the Digitisation of the Economy, European Commission, Directorate-General of Communications Networks, Content & Technology, Brussels. Download


European Commission, DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology , Brussels , BE

Project duration

01.01.2017 - 19.09.2017


Digital Economy