The term “Green IT” summarizes several aspects related to energy and resource efficiency improvements due to the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). In light of increasing energy prices, Green IT has been facing increasing publicity by public authorities. However, among economists, this issue has been rather neglected so far.

The research project “The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Energy and Resource Efficiency” therefore pays attention to the impact of past ICT use on the development of resource and energy efficiency over time. This will be done using econometric methods applied to sector-level data. In a second step, firm-level data will be used to shed light on the drivers of technical change directed towards more resource and energy-efficient ICT goods.

Selected Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals

Cecere, Grazia, Sascha Rexhäuser and Patrick Schulte (2019), From Less Promising to Green? Technological Opportunities and their Role in (Green) ICT Innovation, Economics of Innovation and New Technology Volume 28, Issue 1, 45 - 63. Download

Schulte, Patrick, Heinz Welsch and Sascha Rexhäuser (2016), ICT and the Demand for Energy: Evidence from OECD Countries, Environmental and Resource Economics Volume 63, Issue 1, 119 - 146. Download

Discussion and Working Papers