This project contributed in three respects to the empirical literature on the diffusion of climate friendly and energy efficient technologies. First, the project extended the current analysis of technology diffusion to include both fast developing and developing countries, which represent future high emitters of greenhouse gases and which need to decouple economic activity from anthropogenic emissions to foster economic development. Second, in the empirical analyses we assessed the contribution of important drivers of technology diffusion so far largely ignored in environmental and energy economics, such as intellectual property rights regimes, human capital, education expenditures, and environmental policy. Third, the project went beyond the more diffusion of knowledge and also analyse environmental performance dynamics resulting from the adoption of new environmentally friendly technologies. The project explored the missing link between technology diffusion and the implications resulting from technology adoption.

The research programme "Strengthening Efficiency and Competitiveness in the European Knowledge Economies (SEEK)" was funded by the State of Baden-Württemberg.