The project was thematically and in the editing closely linked to the research network “Non-Cognitive Skills: Acquisition and Economic Consequences”. The focus of the project was the evaluation of measures, which are intended to help to improve the transition from school to education and to labour market. The main subject of investigation was the evaluation of educational measures with possible chronological sequences for groups of disadvantaged young people who are implemented on behalf of SÜDWESTMETALL. The aim of the programmes was that the participants achieve a school degree, become prepared for apprenticeship and successfully complete their apprenticeship. Young people from a disadvantaged family environment have more problems to specify and formulate clear carreer goals compared to young people from favourable family environment. Our further findings demonstrate that improving non-cognitive capabilities and more specifically goal-orientation would have the protential to improve school success and the integration into vocational training.

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Project duration

01.01.2008 - 31.12.2010