The Research Network on Innovation and Competition Policy (RNIC) brings together eight research institutes and universities to establish an international and interdisciplinary research network on European competition policy. In the ongoing discussion of EU competition policy reform, one important area of debate is the increased use of economic and econometric methods in European Commission decisions on mergers and the abuse of market power. These economic policy decisions are rooted in the aim - in economic terms - of maximising consumer welfare. Efficiency is key to achieving this. Judgements made in cases of concentration need to give attention to innovative activity as a constituent of dynamic efficiency. The results of the research carried out by the network, as well as the networking activities in themselves, will serve to enrich scientific discussion and improve the quality of training Europe's researchers of tomorrow. The practical relevance of the work carried out by the network is ensured by combining the expertise of leading European research establishments (ZEW, WZB, and the Universities of KU Leuven, Maastricht, Mannheim, Toulouse I, Tübingen, and Vienna) and former members of the EU Commission's Competition Directorate-General and the German Monopolies Commission.

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