The central part of the project was the empirical analysis of the supply structure of the market for renewable energy in the German state of Baden-Württemberg and of the relevant structure of intermediate products. There were three principal aims. First, an improved data basis for regional climate protection measures in the area of renewable energy is aspired with regard to regional economic effects. Second, the quantitative examination supported by modelling activities of the macroeconomic and sectoral effects of climate policy actions in Baden-Württemberg was improved with special regard to the effects of federal and regional policy instruments on regional production and employment. Third, an update of existing scenarios for the support of renewable energy in Baden-Württemberg was pursued in order to identify useful industrial policy targets in the area of renewable energy.


Ministerium für Umwelt und Verkehr Baden-Württemberg , Stuttgart , DE

Project duration

01.10.2008 - 30.11.2009