The aim of this project is to develop and apply a methodology to analyse regional specialization in trade and production of regions within the EU using the concept of Revealed Comparative Advantages. So far, analyses at the regional level have been aggravated by a lack of available data. Since trade data is usually collected at the national level, the project will develop a method to break national trade data down to the regional level. In addition, production data and patent data are used to get more insight into regional specialization patterns. The results of the project contribute to a better understanding of smart specialization in Europe and should help to better exploit the strengths of European regions in order to boost innovation, competitiveness and, ultimately, economic growth.

Selected Publications


Cordes, Alexander, Birgit Gehrke, Roman Römisch, Christian Rammer, Paula Schliessler and Pia Wassmann (2015), Identifying Revealed Comparative Advantages in an EU Regional Context, European Commission - Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME), Hannover/Mannheim/Vienna. Download