The project evaluates the programme "Frontrunner" of the Austrian Federal government. The programme provides financial support to technological leading firms or firms in the process of becoming international technology leaders which aim at strengthening their position in international markets through a frontrunner strategy. This strategy is characterised by a niche market approach combined with leadership in technology, innovation or business expertise. Frontrunner firms are often called "hidden champions".
ZEW's contribution to the project focuses on a evaluating the programme's impact on funded firms. We employ a control-group approach using conditional difference-in-difference estimations. Since the Frontrunner programme is funding a large share of all Frontrunner firms in Austria, we use Frontrunner firms from Germany as a control group. The data source for the control group firms is the Mannheim Innovation Panel.

Selected Publications


Warta, Katharina, Tobias Dudenbostel, Helmut Gassler, Christian Rammer and Mila Köhler (2019), Evaluierung der Frontrunner-Initiative, Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie (BMVIT), Wien. Download