Because of permanent efficiency examinations and pressure to justify costs in the marketing sector, most diverse kinds of online advertisement, also in connection with web 2.0 applications (social media marketing) are increasingly integrated into the businesses’ promotion mix. Besides the measure of real-time performance via click-rates, the question arises whether businesses are with the application of those advertising and marketing efforts in the end able to achieve sales increases and to increase the business success. At the same time, it is also relevant which specific kinds of online advertisement prove to be especially successful and contribute the largest amount to the business success as well as the existence of branch-specific differences in the relationship between marketing tools and turnover.

The aim of this project is, applying data from the ZEW ICT-survey and adequate statistic-econometrical methods, to determine the influence of various kinds of online advertisement and the social media marketing on different turnover and achievement measures such as sales growth and business profits. In doing so, branch-specific differences are to be identified as well.