The aim of the entire accompanying research was the synthesis and dissemination of the scientific work within the research programme "Economics of climate change" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). More precisely, this project aimed at fostering a dialogue between stakeholders in the research on the economics of climate change who are found in politics, business and society. This increased the visibility as well as the foundation of the research programme in the political, economic and societal discourse and the communication of the results was adapted to the needs of those stakeholders. Elaborating results and formats with strong ties to politics and to practice were a main component of this accompanying research. Those results and formats were used to contribute to the international debate on climate and energy policy by means of preparing and bundling them and by developing political messages. Moreover, these accompanying research activities supported the network and community-building within the research on the economics of climate change. Building a durable network was based, one the one hand, on the projects supported by the research focus programme, and, on the other hand, encompassed the wider academic community.