The target of this major-study is the development and evaluation of concrete approaches to integrate the transport sector into a CO2-Emissions-Trading-System. The three approaches, the upstream-approach with fixed emissions target, the midstream-approach with fixed emissions target and the midstream-approach with specific emissions target and inherent gateway-construction, will have to be put in concrete terms by dealing with a list of methodical central questions. Again they will be extensively and conclusively weighted with the specific criteria of the identically worded pre-study (term 8/2000 - 2/2001). The integration of further approaches into the existing regulation frame should be achieved. Whether the three above-mentioned approaches of a CO2-Emissions-Trading-System in transport sector can be integrated into the already existing national regulations (mineral oil tax, automobile tax, eco-tax) is an arising question, that has to be investigated. Furthermore a solution in transition from the present regulation arrangement to a pure Emissions-Trading-System in transport sector is evaluated. The legal and economic arrangements will become a central meaning.

Selected Publications

Articles in Non-Refereed Journals

Stronzik, Marcus, Georg Bühler and Udo Lambrecht (2002), Ansatzpunkte für einen Emissionshandel im Verkehrssektor, Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft 26 (3), 1-16. Download


Ministerium für Umwelt und Verkehr Baden-Württemberg , Stuttgart , DE

Project duration

01.01.2002 - 31.12.2002

Project members

Dr. Georg Bühler (Coordinator)
Marcus Stronzik

Cooperation partner

Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung, Heidelberg, DE
Prof. Dr. Heidi Bergmann, Fachhochschule Mannheim, Mannheim
Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin, DE
Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Frankfurt am Main, DE