The project provides short reports and dialogue formats on labor market and social policy issues to the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The purpose is to inform the current debate and the political decision-making process by scientific knowledge and expertise as well as empirical evidence. Major policy issues revolve around the inclusiveness of labour markets and the social welfare state as well as the future of the working environment.

ZEW together with its project partners and under coordination of the IZA provides political counseling that aims at enabling policy makers to make efficient decisions based on scientific evidence.

Selected Publications


Bertschek, Irene, Holger Bonin, Jürgen Kühling, Gregor Thüsing and Tobias Wenzel (2021), Entwicklung eines Konzepts zur Datenallmende - Kurzexpertise, Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales, Berlin. Download