At present, the ZEW´s databases on German and Austrian companies count among the most important foundations for research activities focussing on "Company and Market Dynamism" within the research department. The conversion to a new data transfer format from CREDITFREFORM (CIS2) at the beginning of 1999 allows new analyses and the refinement of analyses that have been conducted thus far. Within the scope of this project we will edit the databases so as to ensure, improve, and expand the analysis potential of the company databases. During the editing process we also consider new variables so as to demarcate original start-ups, identify the beginning of an external company´s participation in an existing company and edit additional typical features of start-ups. The integration of the data set of West German companies into the start-up databases is another central element of the project. For this purpose we will use, inter alia, a programme that was developed at the ZEW to match CREDITREFORM data with other data sources for an easier identification of multiple registrations of the same company. Furthermore, we will continue to improve information on start-ups within the so-called "relevant timeframe", i.e. the two years prior to the last data delivery. Finally, we will provide external data users with indicators on foundation patterns and will conduct in parallel extensive validity checks for the resulting regional structures in the development patterns of start-ups.

Project duration

01.09.2000 - 31.12.2001

Cooperation partner

Werner Strahler, Verband der Vereine Creditreform e.V., Neuss, DE