In this project, we start with an initial assessment of particular competiton policy rules and institutions from a law and economics perspective. From a law perspective, comparative analyses are especially important while an economics approach demands an econometric evaluation of the effects of certain rules or institutions on market competition. Subsequently to an identification of reform potential, we aim at deriving policy conclusions on how the respectives rules or institutions can be improved by explicitely taking the pespectives of both law and economics into account.

Selected Publications

Discussion and Working Papers

Hüschelrath, Kai and Kathrin Müller (2012), The Competitive Effects of Firm Exit - Evidence from the U.S. Airline Industry, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 12-037, Mannheim. Download

Hunold, Matthias and Johannes Muthers (2012), Resale Price Maintenance and Manufacturer Competition for Retail Services, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 12-028, Mannheim. Download

Hunold, Matthias, Lars-Hendrik Röller and Konrad Stahl (2012), Backwards Integration and Strategic Delegation, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 12-022, Mannheim. Download


Leibniz-Gemeinschaft , Berlin , DE
Land Baden-Württemberg , Stuttgart , DE

Project duration

01.01.2012 - 31.12.2016


Prof. Dr. Kai Hüschelrath


Competition and Regulation

Cooperation partner

Universität Mannheim, Mannheim, DE