This article presents selected results of a survey of more than 6 000 private households from spring 2020 on the relevance of climate change and its potential impacts and draws comparisons with four thematically similar surveys from 2012 to 2015. Despite the long period of almost ten years over which the surveys were conducted, a significant proportion of almost 2 000 households participated in all five surveys. The panel data obtained from these surveys is part of RWI's Socio-Ecological Panel and is made available to the scientific community by the Research Data Center Ruhr. Some surprising results were revealed, such as the fact that the fight against climate change is given less importance in all five surveys compared to other global challenges such as the fight against terrorism or hunger and poverty. Moreover, the median willingness to pay additional taxes for climate protection is 5 € per month and household. It should be noted that this is only the stated willingness to pay.

Frondel, Manuel, Vanessa Charlotte Kükenthal, Tobias Larysch and Daniel Osberghaus (2021), Wahrnehmung des Klimawandels in Deutschland: Eine Längsschnittbefragung privater Haushalte, Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft 45, 119-131. Download


Frondel, Manuel
Kükenthal, Vanessa Charlotte
Larysch, Tobias
Osberghaus, Daniel


Wahrnehmung des Klimawandels, Zahlungsbereitschaft für Klimaschutz, Panelerhebungen, Sozial-Ökologisches Panel