The sustainable management of natural resources is one of the most important tasks humanity faces. The interdisciplinary online platform MINE-Mapping the Interplay between Nature and Economy ( aims to contribute to this. MINE can be understood as a bridge between social sciences, economics and the natural sciences. Important building blocks of this bridge are considerations from the fields of political philosophy and ethics. For socioecological transformation processes, MINE offers foundations that are theoretically comprehensive and at the same time practical for politics and economics.

Faber, Malte , Marc Frick and Reiner Manstetten (2021), Die Online-Plattform MINE - eine Brücke zwischen Umwelt und Wirtschaft, Heidelberg University, Department of Economics Discussion Paper Series, No. 701, Heidelberg. Download


Faber, Malte
Frick, Marc
Manstetten, Reiner


ecological economics, environmental economics, concepts of time, sustainability, joint production, homo politicus, ignorance, power of judgement, responsibility, five-beforetwelve rhetoric, socio-ecological transformations, restoration of the river Emscher.