Dr. Marc Frick

Dr. Marc Frick

Environmental and Climate Economics

Marc Frick has been the academic assistant to the head of ZEW’s Research Unit “Environmental and Climate Economics” since October 2019. There, he is responsible for the development of a strategy for science communication and different formats of knowledge transfer. He studied philosophy and economics at Heidelberg University with a focus on the history of economic thought and political philosophy. His dissertation at the Chair of Modern Political Theory at Heidelberg University dealt with the position of prosocial gift practices vis-à-vis the ordering principles of market and state in modern societies. In particular, he examined the role of generosity, altruism, and solidarity for social cohesion. His research focuses on the study of the conditions of social stability and social cohesion as well as the analysis of socio-ecological transformation processes.

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Marc Frick

Dr. Marc Frick

Academic Assistant to the Head of Research Department Email Marc.Frick@zew.de Phone +49 (0)621 1235-209
Unit: Environmental and Climate Economics

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