Innovative, controversial, informed – this is what #ZEWlive is all about. In a series of digital events that have been taking place since April 2020 in a compact 60 minutes around lunchtime, experts and experienced moderators discuss current issues. #ZEWlive is designed to encourage interaction: the audience is invited to ask questions live and follow the event via a live stream.

Thematically, the first two seasons in 2020 and 2021 focus on COVID-19: What challenges does the pandemic pose for the economy, politics and society? And how can we successfully overcome the crisis?

#ZEWlive – Second Season

COVID-19 and the path to sustainable growth in Europe
The second season of the digital format #ZEWlive takes a European perspective on the coronavirus crisis.

#ZEWlive: Regional Inequalities in Germany and the EU - Challenges due to Corona (23.06.2021)

#ZEWlive: China and the EU – Partners and Competitors (13.01.2021)

#ZEWlive: European Answers to the Coronavirus-Related Recession (10.11.2020)

#ZEWlive – First Season

COVID-19, economic impact and countermeasures
The first season of the digital format #ZEWlive places special emphasis on the coronavirus crisis, its economic impact and long-term measures to revive our economies after the temporary standstill.

#ZEWlive: COVID-19 and the Digital Economy: The Crisis as an Opportunity? (07.09.2020)

#ZEWlive: The Coronavirus Pandemic, Baden-Württemberg and the Path Towards Economic Recovery (15.06.2020)

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Mannheim’s Transition to New Forms of Mobility (26.05.2020)

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#ZEWlive: The Coronavirus Crisis and Europe’s Response (19.05.2020)

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Coronavirus – The German Economy Under Pressure: How to Deal with the Consequences? (15.04.2020)

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