#ZEWlive: COVID-19 and the Digital Economy: The Crisis as an Opportunity? (07.09.2020)

#ZEWlive: The Coronavirus Pandemic, Baden-Württemberg and the Path Towards Economic Recovery (15.06.2020)

COVID-19, the economic consequences and the long-term concepts to get our economies back on track – this is the focus of the new digital format #ZEWlive. In this event series, experts discuss different economic dimensions of the coronavirus pandemic under the guidance of a professional moderator. The audience is invited to participate by asking questions. The entire exchange will take place online, in a compact 60 minutes around lunchtime.

#ZEWlive: The Coronavirus Crisis and Europe’s Response (19.05.2020)

Coronavirus – The German Economy Under Pressure: How to Deal with the Consequences? (15.04.2020)


Participation is free and by invitation.

If you are interested in attending, please write us at event@zew.de