The arrangements for the supervision of financial markets in Europe are changing. At the national level countries like the UK, Germany and Austria recently installed integrated supervisory agencies replacing different former specialised authorities for banking, insurance and securities.
At the European level the integration of financial markets – not just since the introduction of the euro – may have increased the systemic risk potential at the European level. The divergence between an increase in EU-wide systemic risk and the current national based supervisory structure may call for a reform of the European supervisory framework. In particular, the following questions emerge: Is there a need for a truly European supervisory framework? How should a potential European supervisor be organised? What role should the European Central Bank play in supervision?
By bringing together high profile academics, policy makers, central bankers and practitioners from the financial industry the conference aims at discussing these issues.

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The conference is supported by the <HTML>German Science Foundation (DFG)</HTML> as part of the research program “Governance in the European Union”

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10.07.2003 - 11.07.2003

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ZEW, L 7,1 D-68161 Mannheim