Ageing and Financial Markets


Households and financial institutions are facing major challenges. Long-term trends like demographic change have far-reaching implications for old-age provision, savings behaviour, interest rates, financing conditions, business models of financial institutions, the role of (state) pension funds, and the architecture of financial markets. This two-day conference shall provide a stimulating environment for in-depth debates on the effects of demographic change on financial markets and their various players, on the policy implications of recent research, and on new research questions arising from policy responses. We invite empirical and theoretical submissions (full papers only) with a microeconomic focus on all aspects related to ageing and financial markets. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Household savings behaviour
  • Occupational pension schemes
  • The role of housing and home equity release products
  • Risk-management and investment strategies of pension funds and insurance companies
  • Bank business models, bank funding and lending
  • Low interest rates and household and bank behaviour
  • The role of monetary policy, regulation/supervision and the government
  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on future pensions

Call for Papers

ZEW Conference on Ageing and Financial Markets


ZEW Conference on Ageing and Financial Markets


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