Francesco Clavorà Braulin, PhD

Francesco Clavorà Braulin, PhD

Digital Economy

Francesco Clavorà Braulin joined ZEW’s Research Unit “Digital Economy” in November 2020.

His research primarily focuses on the functioning of online marketplaces and the strategic interactions between platforms and consumers.

Currently, he is particularly interested in the economic effects of consumer data collection and exploitation on competition and consumer privacy in digital markets.

He holds a master’s degree in economics from Tor Vergata University in Rome and a PhD in economics from the University of Bologna, where – under the supervision of Emilio Calvano – he discussed a thesis entitled “Data, Competition, and Consumer Privacy in Digital Markets”.

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Francesco Clavorà Braulin

Francesco Clavorà Braulin, PhD

Advanced Researcher +49 (0)621 1235-318
Unit: Digital Economy

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