Creativity is a fundamental transformative mechanism of the European economy. To study this mechanism, this project brings together eleven of Europe’s leading innovation research centres, and is structured around six themes:

  1. Mapping and measuring the creative-cultural industries and their impacts;
  2. Understanding and modeling creativity and design;
  3. Entrepreneurship and industrial dynamics in the creative-cultural industries;
  4. Digital ecosystems, user participation and the blurring of production and consumption;
  5. Intellectual property, IP rights and innovation in creative-cultural activities, and,
  6. Policy issues and recommendations.

The project will contribute to the progress in methodologies and provide fresh and integrated approaches in the study of creativity and innovation, as well as in the dynamics of the cultural and creative industries. This will result in new data sets, policy briefs and tools, as well as academic articles and books. Above all, the project will substantially enhance the state of knowledge and understanding of the nature and characteristics of creativity and innovation, the cultural and creative industries, and their role in shaping the future European economy and society. It will also provide important and reliable evidence regarding the emergence, promotion and stimulation of creativity in relation to innovation in Europe, and how creativity-based entrepreneurship contributes to economic growth and wellbeing. The project will be a highly valuable and original source of knowledge and understanding for the research, business and policymaking communities at both the EU and national/regional levels. It will also help building a European research community focused on creativity and innovation, and will contribute to building research capacity by providing opportunities for early career researchers. It will seek to advance the role of women researchers and women research managers in Europe.

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Selected Publications

Discussion and Working Papers

Filitz, Rainer, Joachim Henkel and Jörg Ohnemus (2016), Digital Design Protection in Europe: Law, Trends, and Emerging Issues, Download

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Corrocher, Nicoletta, Bettina Müller and Aimilia Protegrou (2016), Report on Data Availability and Requirements for a Harmonised understanding of the CCIs: Briefing Report for use in Theme 1 based on Task 3.2.4, CRE8TV Project Deliverable DEL: 3.2.6(R). Download

Schwiebacher, Franz (2015), The supportive role of copyrights and design rights for product innovation in creative industries, CRE8TV Project Deliverable DEL: 5.1.2(R) Download

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Müller, Bettina and Eva-Maria Scholz (2013), Entrepreneurial New and Small Firms in the CCIs: A Review of the Literature, CRE8TV Project Deliverable DEL. 3.2.1(R). Download