Publications of the Research Unit Market Design

  1. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2018

    Fair Cake-Cutting in Practice

    Using a lab experiment, we investigate the real-life performance of envy-free and proportional cake-cutting procedures with respect to fairness and preference manipulation. We nd that envy-free procedures,…

  2. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2018

    Multi-Unit Assignment Under Dichotomous Preferences

    I study the problem of allocating objects among agents without using money. Agents can receive several objects and have dichotomous preferences, meaning that they either consider objects to be acceptable or…

  3. ZEWnews English edition // 2018

    11/12 - 2018

  4. Refereed Journal // 2018

    Social Integration in Two-Sided Matching Markets

    When several two-sided matching markets merge into one, it is inevitable that some agents will become worse off if the matching mechanism used is stable. I formalize this observation by defining the property…

  5. ZEWnews English edition // 2018

    07/08 - 2018

  6. Discussion and Working Paper // 2018

    Endogenous Worst-Case Beliefs in First-Price Auctions

    Bidding in first-price auctions crucially depends on the beliefs of the bidders. We analyze bidding behavior in a first-price auction in which the knowledge of the bidders about the distribution of the values…

  7. Discussion and Working Paper // 2018

    Strategies Under Distributional and Strategic Uncertainty

    I investigate the decision problem which arises in a game of incomplete information under two different types of uncertainty - uncertainty about other players’ type distributions and about other players’…